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Learn about what steps to take to be successful in finding and financing your dream home or investment property.

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American Standard Online is more then another listing service.

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Find out why we are different from other listing companies and how we are continually working on making our product better.

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American Standard Online

was established to give home buyers & investors access to homes in distress and to outline a simple method to acquire these homes.

"... the friendly and knowledgable support staff took the time to help me contact and work with the previous owners ..." Elizabeth Johnson, Sacramento CA

Further more we are giving home owners a clear way out of debt and the home with credit in tact. We also outline an easy to follow program that will guide you to good equity in your home.

You've heard the expression that knowledge is power. By purchasing the American Standard Online book package,, you have taken the first step toward empowering yourself with the knowledge kept secret by the world's most successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

Real estate continues to be the number one wealth building strategy in the world today. Through this program you will receive an unparalleled service for locating properties below market value. Our unmatched and comprehensive pre-foreclosure database provides our customers with properties across the nation. In addition, our experienced customer service representatives are available to answer any customer inquiries.

resourcesOur Foreclosure Listings Service

While buying foreclosures can be extremely lucrative, it can also be difficult if you set out to do it on your own. Unlike homes sold through real estate agents, foreclosure properties are rarely advertised to the public, and so digging up listings can often require considerable time and effort. At, our team has already gone through the trouble of finding listings from all over the country.


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