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We found the home we wanted. It is the best little house on 2 acres. You can really find great homes for first time buyers like us. The site was very easy to work with. Thank you.

-Jill Townsend, Sugar Valley, GA

Your simple and No Tricks approach to acquiring memberships should be shared as an example of how online sites should operate. I do a tremendous amount of research in a wide variety of subjects and seldom do I feel safe when a request to provide sensitive personal information, this includes my credit card #. I never felt as if this information would be used or should I say abused! Thank you for the opportunity to utilize this extremely valuable resource.

- Jacob Hartzel Martin, Galt, CA

"Thank You So Much!! We finally own our own house, its always been are dream but the housing market is so difficult. Thanks for helping us get into our house, we can't tell you how much it means, to us. Thanks!"

- Sara & Robert, Atlanta, GA

We bought this house for investment purposes, we didn't have any money to put down but we wanted to get into the market. Thanks to your help we now have another house. That we plan to sell when the market picks up.

- Christopher & Lisa, Baltimore, MD

We used your service to buy our first house, the process was so easy we can Thank You enough. We didn't have good credit but we made good money, its so hard to repair your credit and no one gives you a chance. You did Thanks.

- Rich & Jen, Chicago, IL

When I was ready to buy my first home, I knew my budget would be small. I assumed that I would not be able to afford a home in a good neighborhood or a home that met my needs. Then someone told me about AmericanStandardOnline.com . I was really surprised by the prices and by the homes that were available even in very good neighborhoods. Thanks to AmericanStandardOnline.com, I was able to find a nice home in a good area and I was able to find an affordable home. I'm an owner much sooner than I imagined and I am paying less in mortgage bills than I thought.

- William (Billy) Rhoads Las Vegas, NV

As a single mother, I work hard and need to watch every cent. I also need a home that is safe and close to good schools for my kids. When I started looking for homes, I was really depressed. All the properties that were in places with great schools were far, far out of my price range. And the homes that I could afford were in areas where I would worry about my kids' safety. While looking for homes online, I found AmericanStandardOnline.com almost by accident. Now I have a nice home I love and we live in an area where my kids can play in the local park. Our local school is considered one of the best in the region. This would not have been possible without AmericanStandardOnline.com - thank you so much!

- Ms. Rosalind Clarke , Los Angeles, CA

For many years, I complained about renting an apartment but I assumed that I could not afford to buy a home. I was always looking at my local real estate listings in the newspapers, but I was appalled by the prices. I could see that I would have to pay double my rent in order to own my own home in my area. I thought the situation was hopeless but then my brother-in-law got tired of listening to me complain and he told me about AmericanStandardOnline.com . I didn't know that was how he bought his house, but I'm glad he told me his secret.

- Taylor Brock OR

Before I visited AmericanStandardOnline.com , I thought that all foreclosures were run-down homes in bad neighborhoods - that's what a real estate agent told me. But when I visited the site, I realized that I was wrong. Their were large homes, luxury properties and single family homes in just about every neighborhood. Now, I think that real estate agent did not want me to know this industry secret. Through the site, I found out how powerful a secret foreclosure really are. I was so impressed I bought not one but two homes - one for my family and one as an investment. I'm happy to report that my investment home pays my mortgage and my family loves the home we live in.

- Nattalie Haskell Oceanside, CA


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